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Online tools

Here you will find a raft of online tools that have been created to help both doctors and patients plan their pathway through treatment.

Check out what these online tools might be able to tell you about your or your patients potential pathway through treatment.

BMI Calculator

Being overweight or underweight can reduce fertility, so it is important to keep your body weight within the normal healthy range. Body Mass Index (BMI) is an indication of your body weight and can be calculated by dividing weight by height. You should aim for a BMI of between 20 and 25, as this will optimise your chances of conception.


Create a personalised pre-conception and pregnancy timeline

Our pregnancy timeline is designed to provide you with a personalised chart for you and your pregnancy. The timeline will show you key dates over the 40 weeks of pregnancy, including the date of your last period or ovulation, the time you would do a pregnancy test, important pre-natal diagnosis and tests, as well as the all important delivery date for when baby will arrive.
Our timeline also lets you print or save your personalised chart so you can put it on the fridge or email it to others who are interested in tracking your pregnancy.


The Biological Clock

It’s hard to know when is the right time to do something about checking your fertility....should you wait another two months, six months or do something now?

At Fertility Associates we like to make things easy for people. The Biological Clock has been developed to help you identify a woman's chances of giving birth at any given age. It is also designed to help you identify when is the right time to start thinking about seeking help if you are not getting pregnant.  

How to use the Biological Clock

To start the Biological Clock, just click here and use the sliders to choose your age and the number of months you have been trying to have a baby. The Biological Clock will then tell you your chance of pregnancy leading to a live birth per month if you had no fertility problems and the chance if you had an IVF cycle at the same age. It also suggests when to seek help if you have been trying for months, with no success in becoming pregnant. 

The Biological Clock is available right here or why not down load our iPhone and iPad applet and take the clock with you!  Just follow this link to get the latest version of our applet.